Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last Two Days: Pitching Falling Out

The last two days of Twins baseball are hardly worth giving too much look at. Radke was blasted in the first two innings last night, giving up a three-run blast to Nick Swisher and a homer following to Mark Ellis. After that, he may have settled down, but it was still an ugly start almost covered up by an impressive offensive comeback in the 9th inning. Lead by Justin Morneau and Micheal Cuddyer homers, the Twins score five runs in the ninth before Jacque Jones grounded out to end the game. Basically, it was a very easily won game under the usual Twins formula (good pitching and a few runs scraped together) as they actually managed six. But, unfortunately, when the hitting comes alive, the pitching dies it seems, as our staff gave up seven runs.

Today was a similar story. Fransisco Liriano, who has looked dominating and whom we have touted so much on this site, had a terrible start. He gave up six runs in 3 2/3 innings while walking three, although he struck out six to give him 17 in 10 2/3 innings. His problem, as evidenced tonight, has been his control. His fastball is hitting 97 and his slider looks great, he just needs to get his pitches over the plate. (Santana had similar problems when he first arrived at the majors and of course before he had his great change-up) I am not worried about his future the way I am Brad Radke's. (That shoulder could be really bad)

The offense wasn't as good as it was last night, as they managed three runs on the back of a two-run Jacque Jones homer. Nothing to write home about. As usual, mostly inept and the pitching failed. However, Travis Bowyer looked great in his two innings, as he struck out three and gave up no hits.

Well, lets hope they at least win the finale tommorow, because I don't wish to have to speak about a sub-.500 team again.