Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello Again Kyle

I guess Lohse is back in the rotation for the rest of the year. Carlos Silva will likely be taken out for the rest of year with knee surgery, so Fransisco Liriano likely will start in his place. So, although Lohse's start was good tonight, I doubt he'll be around past this September unless something derails Liriano or Baker.

Seven innings of solid work, giving up six hits and two walks with three Ks isn't bad at all. In fact, its what we've expected out of Lohse and have only gotten so often. He's had times of greatness, but he is never consistent. Other than that, Nathan had a good inning, with two Ks and his 37th save. Nathan should end up with around 45 like last year with an ERA of about 2.50. I dont see him giving too many more runs this year, but its too bad that wont make a difference.

As to hitting, the two runs came on (surprise) a Chris Heintz RBI double and the bat of Joe Mauer, who had a great four-hit night with an RBI single. It would be great, and give fans a reason to pay attention, if Mauer could go on a tear to finish the season with a .310 average or so.

Its nice to see a win, obviously, but its too late and its also against the hapless Tigers, who despite a growing payroll and stars on the roster are still below .500. I just want to see the most out of the future stars as we look foward to 2006.