Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cy Santana?

He's been almost as good this year as he was the year before. He's 5-1 with a 1.45 ERA in his last 10 starts, allowing only 46 hits in 74.1 innings with 68 Ks. He leads the league in basically every measurement of dominance. He's of course, our own Johan Santana, and luckly the Twins managed a victory for him against the Kansas City Royals to help him improve to 15-7 this year with a AL-leading 2.92 ERA and a major-league leading 229 Ks.

With help from Joe Mauer's two hits and RBI single and RBIs from Luis Rodriguez and Lew Ford, the Twins managed to actually beat the Major League's cellar team 3-1. Santana pitched a solid seven innings, giving up six hits and one run on a homer as he struck out six and walked two. He wasn't too dominating, but it was obviously enough against KC's pathetic lineup.

With that, and what should be another dominanting performance against the Tigers, Santana still should be the AL Cy Young. I'll continue to plead my case until the award is presented and hopefully not to undeserving pitchers like Bartolo Colon, Cliff Lee, and Mark Buerhle. Wins just don't coincide with dominance every time. Nolan Ryan was a great pitcher and he won only 324 games and probably should have won a Cy Young along the way. As Peter Gammons said, its like the Roger Clemens-Randy Johnson debate of last year, except Colon's other numbers are nothing near Clemensique. Lets just hope this one isn't decided the way that one was.