Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just as Predictable

Wow, we really blew it against the White Sox. Here was our chance to play a few games that really matter, you know, to try and force the White Sox out of contention and what did we do? Well, we did what the Twins have done all season: nothing really. One pathetic run off of Mark Buerhle, a pitcher who does not dominated line-ups on a regulate basis and whom the Twins have killed in the past. Did LeCroy hit a home-run and make himself useful? Nope. In fact, the only player with more than one hit was Lew Ford, who went 2 for 3. It was the saddest excuse for a major league lineup I've seen this year: Jason Tyner, Juan Castro, Micheal Cuddyer (yea...he's a great #3 hitter), Matthew LeCroy, Lew Ford, Terry Tiffee (gulp), Jason Bartlett, Chris Heintz, and Luis Rivas. I don't see an established, decent hitter in that whole lineup and I guess one run really figures.

And the other reason the watch the game, Fransisco Liriano, was inconsistent the way he was against Oakland. Little control, lots of runs, but plenty of strikeouts. He now has 25 Ks in 16 innings this year after eight last night, but a ugly 7.02 ERA to go with it. Lets hope Rick Anderson can do what he's good at and show this guy how to throw strikes consistently so he's set for next year. Cause he is certainly nasty, but he needs to be consistent. But then again, you could say that for this team, couldn't you?