Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Worst of It

Yes, the Twins had a great game tonight. They came back and finally beat Troy Percival, scoring an earned run on him for the first time in over forty innings. Michael Cuddyer homered, as did Jason Bartlett, hitting his first in the majors. It was an all-around good game if you forget the mediocre outing by Joe Mays, who looks like this years Rick "Gopherball" Reed. Nope those are great. But then came the bad news for the Twins: Justin Morneau was placed on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to April 7th, the day after he was beaned by Ron Villone.

That means Morneau can't return until April 22nd, which he should be able to do This seems to dash almost all hopes of a 40 HR season from Morneau, which would be the first since oh 1971 probably or the Harmon Killebrew-Era. Of course, its nice to see Terry Tiffee called up to replace him so at least we can get some MAJOR LEAGUE defense at first base. Watching LeCroy over there is just ugly, but his base running is worst the cheap vodka and taco bell. Its simply unbearable. He gives no effort, it seems, at all when he runs and he still looks dazed at the plate. But besides the point, Tiffee also provides good offense, and as Terry Ryan said, flexibility. It just hope that Morneau is back on the 22nd and that Corky Miller gets released and they keep Tiffee in the majors where he belongs.

So that's my pleading to Terry Tiffee: Please come up here and put up such great numbers, like Lew Ford last year, that we have to get rid of the most embarassing Twins player since Hector Carrassco.