Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Usual Suspects

The Twins won today in a higly "Twins" fashion. Carlos Silva pitched the way he usually does. A couple scares, scatters hits, good defense, and in the end, a win. Silva pitched seven innings, gave up nine hits, one run, and didn't strikeout anyone. But they Twins had timely hitting, their old friend. Matthew LeCroy's three-run homer essentially sealed the deal. What followed hopefully was telling of how things should go this season. Silva won by putting the ball and play and having his defense back him up. A good example would be Mike Redmond's throw to get Randy Winn in the 5th. Winn double off a bad sinker and the next pitch, took off with a good lead towards third. But Redmond produced the perfect throw and Cuddyer showed some defensive prowess with a good tag. It was classic Twins baseball.

After Silva was taken out, the best bullpen in the AL and maybe the Majors took over. Juan Rincon looked very good in the eigth, striking out two including Adrian Beltre with a nasty slider. Joe Nathan followed by picking up his first save of the year. All and all, today was a well-played game with timely hitting, good defense, and good pitching. Its the kind of baseball the Twins play very well, and if they follow this precedent, they could very win the World Series this year.

Tommorow is an off day, so get ready for the showdown with the White Sox this weekend. I just hope Torii Hunter gets his bat going and knocks Jamie Burke over again. What a play!