Sunday, April 24, 2005

Snowed out again

Well, there isn't much to report today as the Twins game got snowed out. Otherwise, the White Sox won their 7th straight game. Granted, it was against the Royals, but on the same token, what the hell are we doing losing to the Tigers? We should be sweeping them. This is my main complaint about the Twins: They are hypocrites, in a way. They say they want to gain respect from the teams in their league and from the league in general, that they want to be seen as contenders. Well, if that's so, this team needs to act like it. They have to quit making the kind of bad decisions a manager of the Mets or Royals would make. As we've said on this site before, putting a guy like Terry Molholland, who should be a Devil Ray right now with the rest of the major league washouts, up against some of the best hitters in the league is just stupid. If the Twins want respect, they have to earn it by making smart decisions. They can't have a left fielder make throws like the one Stewart made Friday. That's just bad fundamental baseball for a team that's supposed to be built on fundamentals. They need to make use of all the options available to them. That means Corky Miller needs to join Mulholland in Tampa, along with Matthew LeCroy. The Twins need to act like a contender and put their team together and manage like one.

Take Florida for example. The Marlins have a similar budget problem to the Twins, but with good management and direction, they have the ability to be a serious contender. They are not wasting roster spots on guys like Miller or Molholland. It's simple guys; it's time to get serious about winning before the White Sox really become number one.