Friday, April 15, 2005

Terry Terrific

Terry Tiffee's RBI total in two games since being called up from Triple-A is now five. Tiffee, who started at third base tonight in place of Michael Cuddyer, had a big 2-run single early tonight in what proved to be the difference in a 3-2 Twins victory. Tiffee's outstanding play is making it harder and harder for the organization to stick with its idiotic plan of keeping Corky Miller on the club. Though Tiffee did commit a throwing error tonight, it was a ball that most first-basemen in the league would've been able to scoop easily. Unfortunately, Matt LeCroy was lurking at the position tonight. Just a few other notes on the game...

*Johan Santana pitched a pretty good game tonight, going 6 innings and striking out 10 and picking up his third victory of the season, extending an amazing winning streak dating back to last year. The two runs he allowed were both on solo home runs in the second inning. Still, he threw a lot of pitches, and I don't think he's quite in his top form yet. He's getting there though...

*The bullpen which we've been gloating so much about on this blog was once again outstanding tonight. The trifecta of JC Romero, Juan Rincon, and Joe Nathan has to be the best in the league. These guys were lights out from the seventh through the ninth. Nathan picked up his third save of the season, finishing the game with a terrific strikeout.

*Indians starter Jake Westbrook pitched a fantastic game. He went eight strong innings only allowing three hits. The kid has an excellent sinking fastball; only two of the 24 outs he recorded were not groundouts or strikeouts.

*I'm excited to see the highlight of Juan Castro's play at third base in the ninth. I was listening to the game on the radio, since it wasn't on TV, so I didn't see the play, but hitting coach Scott Ulger said in a post-game interview that it was the best play he's ever seen.

Tomorrow Dave Gassner gets his first career Major League start against veteran Kevin Millwood for the Indians. Gametime is at noon, should be interesting. On Sunday the Twins will face a guy who perennially dominates them as CC Sabathia gets his first start of the season. I would be impressed if the Twins are able to win this series, despite winning the first game.