Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Reign of Doug "The Terrible" Eddings

Well, I at least assume a name like that will soon be attached to Eddings. Its not so much that Eddings made a terrible call and possibly took away the ALCS from the Angels. He never made it clear to anyone what his call was. Based on his explanation, he never made a call (but he made a motion) so therefore the ball was still in play and AJ needed to get tagged out.

Now, if anyone is confused to what I'm writing about, they apparently havent seen any tv or read any papers in the last 12 hours. Eddings might have made the right call by saying that the ball was in the dirt. Close replays show some sort of directional change in the path of the baseball. And yea, Josh Paul showed his worth as a third-string catcher, doing something Corky Miller would do by not tagging Pierzynski out. I fault Paul at least half as much as I do Eddings. He butchering of the call allow the White Sox to keep two basrunners on after what would have been the third out. And, yep, the winning game very quickly thereafter.

Now, did Eddings admit any wrong doing? Nope. He was right, and his crew seems to have his back on that. So who needs to be discliplined and what should have been done? Well, Josh Paul shouldn't catch again anytime soon. That was a bonehead play and there is no defense for that. He should have tagged Pierzynski or when he saw him going to first, thrown the ball there as a precaution, not back to the pitcher. Its not as if AJ runs fast. (He tried to steal in this postseason in a most embarrasing way) But what should have happened was a third out, and thats mainly because Eddings was unclear about his call. He made a hand gesture suggestion a strike three before calling the ball in the dirt and Pierzynski safe at first.

Lets just hope this doesn't do to the Angels what calls tend to do to playoff contenders: Suck the life out of them. I would like nothing more than to see the White Sox and Guillen fall to their own arrogance. Lets just hope the Angels can find some starters around that clubhouse who don't lob basic throws over their first-baseman's head.