Saturday, October 01, 2005

Liriano's First Win

Fransisco Liriano has had a pretty turbelant MLB-debut throughout September, beginning with his first batter hitting a homer, following with five straight Ks through two games, and then following a few disasterous starts. Tonight, he finally settled down. His problem, of course, had been control and hopefully it seems Rick Anderson has helped him out. If that's the case, look at AL. Liriano threw seven innings of solid ball without walking anyone, while striking out eight and giving five hits and two runs. This, hopefully, is an indication of things to come. With Liriano's solid start, he sets a pattern of things to come along with a intimidating rotation for next year: Santana, Radke, Silva, Baker, and Liriano. A perfect blend of power and control, there aren't too many holes in it. (Of course, that's not to ignore the great bullpen either. With Nathan, Crain, Rincon, Bowyer, and Balfour if he ever returns, the Twins have so many power arms to throw at oppenents, its unfair) With that said, here's to next year Fransisco Liriano. Can't wait.

One more first came tonight, that being Justin Morneau's first grand slam. Replacing Terry Tiffee at first in the eight, he slammed the big hit off of Jamie Walker. Here's to you Justin. 22 HRs and 78 RBIs isnt the worse thing we've seen. Its decent. But that .236 average and .302 (ugh) on-base percentage need to go up big time. Don't fire yourself, Justin, just help us all get rid of Scotty "Go the other way and bunt lots" Ulger. (I was sooo unhappy to hear that Gardy displaces the blame and wants to keep him around next year. Great. The hitting won't improve at all. Really smart)