Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Nelson Picks

You've seen my associate's picks, now my picks for winners in the playoffs.


New York Yankees over LA Angels

I didn't even like the Yanks to make the playoffs, honestly, but right now I simply like them to beat the Angels. Anaheim has a great bullpen, but their starting pitching will not be able handle the big bats of New York. Granted, Randy Johnson is only going once in this series, and I love Vladie Guerrero, but Mariano Rivera will make it a 7-8 inning game and the New York offense will give the questionable starting pitching plenty of breathing room. Yankees in 4.

Boston Red Sox over Chicago White Sox

Boston's pitching sucks, but I just don't like the White Sox in any post-season series. They didn't fare particularly well against good competition in the regular season, and they certainly weren't extraordinary in the last two months. Boston will lose a couple of games because their pitching is just not very good, but I still like Manny and Ortiz to carry them to the AL Championship Series. Boston in 5.

NL Division Series

Atlanta Braves over Houston Astros

My buddy Mr. Mosvick likes the Astros to go all the way. And while I love their pitching, I don't think their offense will take them anywhere. The Braves are a very solid all-around team, with solid starting pitching and some great young bats. The bullpen isn't great, but I still like them to come through against the 'Stros. Braves in 4.

St. Louis Cardinals over San Diego Padres

This one's not too hard to pick. The Padres will win a game, but will get blown out in the other 3. The Cardinals are just a FAR superior team.


Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees

Sox return to the World Series after taking out the Yankees in six games in a championship series featuring plenty of fireworks.


St. Louis Cardinals over Atlanta Braves

The Cards sweep the Braves easily to return for a World Series rematch with the Bo-Sox.


St. Louis Cardinals over Boston Red Sox

Pujols and the Cards' tremendous pitching staff overcome the shoddy Red Sox pitching to get revenge for last year and take the World Series in six games.