Saturday, May 14, 2005

What could have been

Those words basically summarize the events of tonight. Kenny Rogers, whom was a Minnesota Twin in 2003, comes into the Metrodome and shuts the Twins out, giving up only six hits while walking none and striking out two. Those numbers could be awful useful to the Twins right now, who could have kept Rogers for a bargain price but let him go because they had great starters like Brad Thomas all set to go.

It was a game that was so bad, its hard to really say much about it. Carlos Silva didn't pitch too great once again, but then again, its the Rangers offense we are talking about so he faired about as well as was expected. Kyle Lohse, skipped in the rotation due to the off-day, pitched two innings out of the bullpen, giving up a run. Otherwise, nothing notworthy occured because the Twins' offense was paralyzed by Rogers all night. They have looked helpless since getting six runs off of Ryan Drese. It has just been a pathetic effort by the Twins and it is not acceptable. How can we get to the playoffs playing this way? Hopefully, with Radke on the mound, the Twins will fair better tommorow. They are going to have to now.