Friday, May 13, 2005

Neyer's the Man

I thought I would just quickly post on something I came across when reading a chatroom article where fans ask questions to ESPN baseball guru Rob Neyer. In response to a Chicago native complaining about how little credit the national media is giving the White Sox despite their torrid start, Neyer says:

"Oh, those poor, poor White Sox from the third-largest city in North America; oh, how my heart does weep for them. Look, the White Sox wear ugly uniforms in an ugly ballpark with an ugly name, and the truth is that it's just not easy to like them. Are they for real? Twenty-five wins on May 12 don't lie, and at the moment I'd give them roughly a 40 percent chance of reaching the postseason, because they have to compete with not only the Twins, but also maybe the Red Sox and/or Yankees and/or Orioles. Two of those teams will not reach the postseason, and I think the White Sox are one of the two least-talented teams in the group."

Couldn't have put it better myself.