Saturday, September 15, 2007

TR Links

A lot of really great articles were written about Terry Ryan's resignation. Here are some links to a few that I particularly enjoyed, along with memorable blurbs from each:

* Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse writes that, like with Tom Kelly six years ago, there is nothing more to Ryan's decision to step down than that he is tired of the attention and stress associated with his position. Reusse says that Smith is doomed from the start, and that outlook for the foreseeable future is glum:
It makes no difference if the Twins commit $60 to $75 million to Torii Hunter and thus have him back for 2008 and beyond. Even with Torii, there will be too many holes in the lineup and pitching staff for the Twins to be looked at as anything more than also-rans when they arrive in southwest Florida in February.
* Aaron Gleeman discusses Ryan's tenure as GM and comes to the following conclusion regarding the team's immediate future, quite the opposite of Reusse's take:
The timing is odd, the move comes as a surprise, Ryan will be missed, and Smith will be forced to hit the ground running immediately, but the Twins are a franchise that remains well positioned for success.
* Over at SBG Nation, Ubelmann notes some striking similarity between the quotes from Ryan and from former Mariners skipper Mike Hargrove when he resigned unexpectedly in the middle of the season

Howard [Sinker] notes this quote from Mr. Ryan right up front:

“The defeats are getting a little bit tougher to take and the wins aren’t as much fun.” — Terry Ryan

That stuck out to me, too, since it sounded eerily familiar to what Mike Hargrove said when unexpectedly resigning from his post as field manager in the middle of a long winning streak:

“But the highs weren’t high enough, the lows were too low. That’s putting it about as simple as I can.” — Mike Hargrove, July 1st

* Here is a great insider's perspective from Star Tribune beat writer La Velle E. Neal III. Neal's parting thoughts on Ryan:

It’s going to be strange not talking to Ryan on a daily basis. I have a job to do, he didn’t like it sometimes and we sparred. But I’m going to make two statements about my 10 years interviewing him. One, you want Terry Ryan to be your next door neighbor. Two, my career is better off for dealing with him.

* Twins Geek chips in with his two cents, and he feels that losing Ryan will hurt the Twins more than many people realize.
Given his replacement, the organization, and some signs of decline, losing Ryan may not be as bad as losing a big name star. But nobody, not Hunter or Santana or Mauer or Morneau, has had the positive impact on this franchise that Ryan has over the last ten years. That should be his legacy.
* Pioneer Press columnist Tom Powers lauds Ryan for his loyalty during the contraction debacle back in 2001:
Twins fans should be forever grateful to Ryan for standing tall and displaying loyalty beyond all reason during the attempted contraction of the franchise after the 2001 season.

With the Twins on the brink of contraction, and with the Toronto Blue Jays on the phone to offer him their general manager's job, Ryan put on his life jacket, took a deep breath and prepared to go down with his ship.
* Seth Stohs says he has a lot of respect for Ryan, but is intrigued to see what Smith can do at the reigns of the franchise.
Now the last two years have been littered with some questionable free agent signings and unwillingness to trade, but that should not tarnish the reputation of Terry Ryan as a man who can build a franchise the right way, through player development. His unwillingness to trade prospects is part of who Terry Ryan is. It is part of what the Twins stand for, building from within. It is why Bill Smith has earned the opportunity to be the new GM.
Lots of great thoughts and stories about Mr. Terry Ryan. I hope you'll make sure to check out all these links if you have some free time today, because each one provides a different interesting viewpoint.