Monday, May 29, 2006

Seattle Sweep

Just a quick post for today.

The Twins swept the Mariners at home over the weekend. Whether it was another encouraging start from Francisco Liriano, a resilient outing from rookie Boof Bonser, or a walk-off home run from the struggling Lew Ford, it was a good series for the Twinks.

Ford's walk-off dinger to lead off the 10th inning yesterday was his first hit of the game and his first significant hit in a long while. Lew is hitting just .229, which makes it difficult to justify his persistent presence at the top of the lineup, but he is a great defender and probably the team's best base-stealer, so if he can start hitting the ball more he could be an asset.

Next up for the Twins is a three-game series in Anaheim against the Angels, so get ready for some late-night baseball. The Twins have struggled mightily on the road this year and lost their first series agains the Halos at home, so it should be interesting to see if they can carry their recent success into this tough road trip.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.