Monday, May 01, 2006


That seems to be the best way to sum up this series. The Twins were--yes, that's read correctly--outscored by the Tigers 33-1 their weekend series in Detroit. They were shut out by Kenny Rogers yesterday and Nate Robertson Friday. There could be any number of reasons for this. Maybe it's that the Twins hitters can't handle lefties. That's a good possibility. Or they can't touch finesse guys like Rogers. Yeah, that's a good one too. But the best explanation is that they just can't hit anyone.

Ignoring Kyle Lohse's gem yesterday, in which he actually managed four scoreless innings (more than Brad Radke or Carlos Silva could muster) before getting slaughtered by the bottom of Detroit's order, let's look a little deeper into the Twins' hitting woes.

There is Justin Mendoza. We should be nice to him, since after all he kept his head above that famous .200 line with a hit yesterday. But it really doesn't count for much since he looked pathetic all day, struck out twice (once looking to end a rally in the 2nd), and his hit was a Texas-leaguer to left.

There is Juan Castro. We gave him a chance at the beginning of the year, but now he's hitting .234 with an OPS nearly south of .500. Looks like "no-hit" Castro has returned. We knew this would come eventually, as Castro really can't handle everyday play. It's clear, as most people knew it would be, that Jason Bartlett should have been up here all along. Still, the troubles stretch beyond the bottom of the order. Even the table-setters couldn't get on yesterday.

That's right. One lucky hit for Mendoza, a hit for Torii Hunter, and a walk for Joe Mauer. The least I can say for Gardenhire is at least he switched things up a little and batted Mauer cleanup. But, as some people have commented here, that doesn't matter if everyone is still screwing up.

On a lighter, positive note, Dennys Reyes pitched 2 and 1/3 scoreless innings yesterday. And today, the Twins get to start a two-game series against the just-as-hapless Seattle Mariners at home. And they don't have to face Rogers-clone Jamie Moyer!