Thursday, March 02, 2006

Twins Notes

There is, unfortunately, only minor news to report right now. But a few things of interest have popped up to write on.

*For one, tommorow marks the beginning of Grapefruit League action. The Twins will be taking on the Red Sox at 6 pm and it will be televised on FSN. However, don't plan on seeing Manny there, as he just showed up for camp yesterday.

*The Twins did play one game today, taking on the Concordia-St. Paul squad (not big competition), as they tried to get their WBC-departing players a chance to play. Francisco Liriano threw two scoreless innings, though its noted here that his control wasn't best. However, Gardy says he was throwing hard and that's important too. Let us hope that he doesn't get hurt in the WBC though. I want to see this young hurler pitch this year.

* Bret Boone announced his retirement today. No real surprise there. Boone was absolutely horrid last year and all Twins fans can attest to this. Did anyone really think the guy had anything left in the tank? He was worse than Guzman!

* And, on a more disgusting note, Barry Bonds decided to play dress-up for an American Idol spoof. I'm scarred for life. Most. Horrific. Sight. Ever. Period. The worst part? He plans to continue this through Spring Training. Alright, we get it Barry. You didn't do roids, you just have some strange personal habits.

It should be noted that Barry's breasts did appear larger than Paula Abdul's.

Don't show the kids.