Friday, January 06, 2006

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Last March, a couple weeks before the opening of the 2005 season, my associate and I made our preseason predictions for the upcoming season. We selected our anticipated winners for each division as well as the major award winners for the AL and NL. Now, a look back to see how right or wrong (usually wrong) we were...

NL Cy Young
Nick M. picked:
Roy Oswalt
Nick N. picked: Ben Sheets
Actual winner: Chris Carpenter

Oswalt was terrific but not even the best starter on his staff. Sheets pitched pretty well but couldn't stay healthy all year. No points for either of us here.

AL Cy Young
Nick M. picked:
Johan Santana
Nick N. picked: Randy Johnson
Actual winner: Bartolo Colon (shudder)

Well, Mosvick should have been right here, but, alas, the Baseball Writers of America showed their true idiocy in handing this one to Colon. Johnson was plain and simply a disappointment. Again, no points for either of us.

Nick M. picked:
Albert Pujols
Nick N. picked: Albert Pujols
Actual winner: Albert Pujols

Despite a ridiculous early-season run by Chicago's Derrek Lee, Pujols held it together all year long, posting a .330/.430/.609 line with 41 home runs and 117 RBI to finally capture his first much-deserved MVP award. 1 point each.

Nick M. picked:
Vladimir Guerrero
Nick N. picked: Vladimir Guerrero
Actual winner: Alex Rodriguez

Vladie could have done it if he'd stayed healthy all season. He hit .317 with 32 dingers and 108 RBI. One thing that really impresses me about Guerrero is that, despite his free swinging tendencies, he has become a guy who will walk more than he strikes out. A-Rod's numbers were spectacular, and he was very deserving. Nelson 1, Mosvick 1.

NL Central
Nick M. picked:
St. Louis
Nick N. picked: St. Louis
Actual winner: St. Louis

This one was never really in doubt. 2-2.

NL West
Nick M. picked:
San Francisco
Nick N. picked: Los Angeles Dodgers
Actual winner: San Diego Padres

Well, one team had to win. It was basically just a mediocrity crap-shoot.

NL East
Nick M. picked:
Nick N. picked: Florida
Actual winner: Atlanta

After some tremendous off-season pickups, Florida looked poised to take the National League by storm and easily capture an East Division title over several flawed clubs. This turned out to be the strongest division in baseball. Kudos to the Braves for somehow continuing their run of dominance. I can tell you one thing with a fair amount of confidence... neither of us will be picking Florida this year.

NL Wild Card
Nick M. picked:
Chicago Cubs
Nick N. picked: Atlanta
Actual winner: Houston

Well, at least I knew that Braves would be in the playoffs. I just didn't expect them to win the division. The Cubbies, on the other hand, were a mess.

AL West
Nick M. picked:
Los Angeles Angels
Nick N. picked: Los Angeles Angels
Actual winner: Los Angeles Angels

Another point each. This was a pretty easy pick. 3-3.

AL Central
Nick M. picked:
Nick N. picked: Minnesota
Actual winner: Chicago White Sox

... Now let us never speak of this again.

AL East
Nick M. picked:
Nick N. picked: Boston
Actual winner: New York

They had identical records, but the Yankees technically took the division. No fair.

AL Wild Card
Nick M. picked:
New York
Nick N. picked: New York
Actual winner: Boston

We should get some points for having them both in, just in the wrong spots, shouldn't we? No? Okay.

Well, there you have it, a measly three points each. Hopefully we will have more success this year when we make our March preseason predictions