Sunday, January 29, 2006


My associate and I made the trip out of the Dome yesterday for TwinsFest, an annual celebration that where players, coaches, and fans congregate to chat baseball and start getting ready for the upcoming season. It was a fun time. We walked around, saw some cool memorabilia, and listened in on some WCCO interviews. We also took a clubhouse tour, which was interesting, as I had never taken it before.

We chatted for a while with La Velle E. Neal III, Twins beat writer for the Star Tribune. He is an interesting guy. He talked a little bit about his career path to the Star Trib, and then talked a little bit about growing up as a White Sox fan and how he felt about their title run last year and recent off-season moves. Clearly, his loyalties have changed, but I think the kid inside him was a little excited to see the Sox make their run last year.

We also met Terry Ryan and talked with him briefly. Not surprisingly, he has a very firm handshake, and he seemed like a good guy. He asked which player's name and number I had on the back of my jersey, at which point I informed him it was blank. He seemed let down by this, but then I told him that I had previously owned a Guzman jersey and that didn't work out too well for me, so I think he kind of understood.

All in all, it was a fun time. It was nice to get out to the Dome and start to get in the mood for some baseball.