Friday, August 26, 2005

Working against No One

Unfortunately, we were wrong. The Twins anemic offense can't even score runs against some of the worst pitching in the majors. They were shut-out by Kameron Loe, who hadn't started all year and is a reliever, and the Rangers' pitching staff. They had no walks and managed only six hits. It was beyond pathetic again. Now, it almost doesn't matter if the pitching is great. We still can't win.

Of course, that's not to say that it was. Kyle Lohse had a terrible start after putting up a good run and bringing his ERA down to a very respectable 4.09. Tonight, it was a different story, as he was tore up by the Rangers' hitters for six runs and three home runs in five innings. Alfonso Soriano showed his worth to the Twins, as he hit a two-run homer and a RBI double in the game to bring his offensive totals to 30 HRs and 87 RBIs for the year. The 30 HRs puts him in an elite class of second basemen, being the only second baseman other than Jeff Kent and Roger Hornsby to have three 30-HR seasons as a second baseman.

Maybe it wouldn't have saved our season, but having Soriano certainly would have helped. The Twins could have split up the bats of Mauer and Morneau and given them both protection by having Mauer bat third, Soriano bat fourth, and Mornuea bat fifth. Better protection, less pressure, and of course, it would make up for the loss of Hunter in the lineup. Then, at least, there would be a moment in the game or an inning in which the opposing team actually was afraid to pitch to Twins hitters. That may have been worth one of our prospects. Hell, we weren't using them we we needed them anyways, so why not?

The good news after all this: At least we know for sure that Mays will not start again. It will be Baker in his place Monday against Kansas City and that's the first good news in three days. Radke takes the mound today against Texas ace Rogers. Lets pray for a victory, but we all know how the Twins hitters fair against finesse lefties like Rogers. Come on guys....