Thursday, August 18, 2005

Five Straight

This is getting interesting. Very interesting. I really hadn't believed or put much value into recent Twins victory, but there really is a shot at the Wild Card now. Even Joe Mays, who still shouldn't be in the rotation with his ERA and recent string of hideous starts, got a win after a mediocre start in which he gave up three runs and nine hits in six innings, with the support of the Twins offense and bullpen.

Shannon Stewart, who had been hurt, making terrible defensive plays, and not touching the ball, lit up the top spot with a 4 for 5 night. Joe Mauer went 2 for 4, Justin Morneau and Matthew LeCroy each drove in two runs, and the Twins offense spit out seven runs against steroid-popping, and increasingly bad, starter Ryan Franklin (gee, his velocity is down a lot, isn't it? don't think thats a coincidence) and the Mariners not-so-great bullpen before Eddie Guardado. It was great to see them dominate a team, even if it was the pitching-short Mariners, with their offense while getting decent enough pitching themselves.

Mays wasn't spectacular, but he didn't throw the game the way he has his last few starts. The streak would have been seven games if he hadn't pitched so bad in Oakland on Saturday. Tonight, he was good enough as the offense backed him up and the reliable bullpen studs like Juan Rincon helped preserve the lead.

Carlos Silva pitches tommorow and Twins fan should be excited, because now with some offense, Silva should win again in more dominating fashion then his great start Sunday. His 3.33 ERA and amazing walks per nine innings make him one of the better starters in the American league, along with teammate Johan Santana. With such a combination, mark the Twins for a sixth-straight victory tommorow night. Lets not count these persistent guys out yet.