Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What can I say?

Well, that should be effecient based on tonight's performance. Two hits, no runs, no offense at all. Brad Radke does the best he can do against a killer Yankees lineup, giving up only two runs in six innings (don't let the two walks throw you as the Yankees are known as an patient lineup of veterans) which is about as good as you can expect. Two hits, one from Lew Ford and one from Juan Castro. Not exactly what you would call encouraging. The Twins could do nothing against Future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, who has looked worn this year but absolutely dominated the Twins again, just as I feared. 11 Ks and no walks. There was no chance beyond Lew Ford's double. It was just a display of the Twins offensive ineptitude.

What can I say that we haven't said? We knew that this road trip was going to be hard and that the Twins would be in grand luck to pull out with a split amongst the New York and Boston visits. It just appears they are sadly proving us right. That's too bad, because the Yankees really don't have that great of pitching and the Twins pitching certainly gives its offense a chance to win, as they did tonight. But no one can execute. Everyone is overmatched and no clear solution is in sight. And Al Leiter, a lefty finesse pitcher that few Twins have faced and whom has dominated them in the past (a trend in New York), starts tommorow. Good luck Twinkies. You really need another bat, or two, or three. The hell with it. We need a new lineup built around Mauer.