Tuesday, July 12, 2005

All-Star Mediocrity

The Twins two All-Stars didn't exactly have their best games tonight. Of course, they are facing some pretty good hitters, from Bobby Abreu (who hit an incredible record 41 home runs in the Home Run Derby) to Albert Pujols. Johan Santana hasn't been himself lately, and although he didn't give up a run, his inning of work wasn't exciting. Instead of striking out a great hitter, he gave up a hit and a walk. Nathan on the other hand did give up a run in the NL eight, allowing two hits and also not picking up any strikeouts. Compared to last year, where Nathan threw 97-98 managed to strike out Houston star Lance Berkman. This year, he looked mediocre, not showing the same intensity he showed last year. I just wish there was more excitement so more would notice the stars in Minnesota like Nathan. It was his and Santana's shot at a big spotlight and a chance to display their skills, so why not try to strike everyone out?

The AL won 7-5 on the back on two-run homers by MVP Miguel Tejeda and Texas slugger Mark Teixeira. Terry Francona brought in rival closer Mariano Rivera to get the last out and his second All-Star save. And Kenny Rogers, who's recent infamous incident has been all over ESPN, gave up two runs and was nearly booed off the field.

Tommorow, we will present our midseason awards, from Cy Young to MVP to the "Starkian" Cy Yuks and LVPs of the respective leagues.