Friday, October 06, 2006

Prayers for a Frayer Shoulder

In thinking over the past day or so about what to write in looking towards today's game, I really couldn't come up with much. The games on Tuesday and Wednesday were tough to watch. Much like the down times in the regular season, it was hard to bear what was going on much less imagine the Twins had any chance to advance.

Similarly things look pretty down going into this afternoon's game. But here's something to remember: This series is already going down the trail of the regular season; starting off with everything going wrong before an incredible and unbelievable comeback.

Now, I make no predictions here, but who can't say that a great Brad Radke start and a Twins win wouldn't flow perfectly with what has already happened this year. I know that its tough to have faith in a guy who's shoulder is ready to fall off, but Radke has not given us any reasons to doubt him.

Of course, pitching really hasn't been a problem. I've seen complaints about the bullpen's performance so far, but without Torii's misplay Wednesday, things wouldn't look so bad. Such a small sample doesn't suggest for any reason that they are no longer trustworthy and both starters had good starts.

This year, the whole theme behind the season has been playing for Kirby. This has been reiterated by the daily video montages at the Metrodome and the comments we've hard all year from the likes of Torii Hunter, Ron Gardenhire, and others. Someone else needs to be added to that list and that is Radke.

I am not trying to make a comparison here or insult a great legacy, but Brad Radke is one of the best in Twins history. His ERA isn't anything great, but he pitched consistently well in a hitter's era and he has been a model teammate, citizen, pitcher, and athlete. Puckett deserves honor, but considering what Radke has done (It really can't be emphasized enough what a crazy and gutsy thing he has done this year), this Twins team needs to do him right as well.

Its time for the offense to break out and score some runs for the rare kind of athlete we won't see again for a while. If anything, this season needs to end the right way, with this Twins team giving the same relentless, run-every-play-out, ballsy effort that got them to the playoffs in the first place.

And remember Twins fans, that even if the season ends this afternoon, its been a wonderful, moving, unbelievable, unparalled, unpredictable season that should be remember for years to come.