Sunday, April 08, 2007

Missing Silva?

Last night was crazy, but unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of interesting crazy that can be so fun to post about the next day. Instead, freezing weather in Chicago got the game called off. And the Twins and White Sox game wasn't the only game affected, as the Indians and Mariners got within one out of an official game before the third delay led to the game getting called. Needless to say, this winter storm stuff is getting in the way of the Twins so-far exciting season.

Am I upset that we all got to miss Carlos Silva's debut last night? Nope, because if the Twins do play today, everyone at the great blogger get-together will get to watch Silva pitch. I propose a beer for every hit Silva gives up.

Because of the change in starts, the much anticipated first start of Sidney Ponson will have to wait until Monday. Anyways, hopefully the Twins play on today and the get-together goes well. Hope to see everyone there, including those who have been on this site to support the great Silva.